Stupid Turkey

I hate thanksgiving. It casts such a dark cloud over the end of November. I love it when it’s early, like this year. November has a bonus week of awesome. I was thinking about trying to unpack all of my feleling about Thanksgiving in some sort of post with feelings. And then I realized that no one really cares about decades of family drama; boozy, tear-streaked dinners; and my hatered of yams. Then it hit me. The number one thing wrong with Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving has no holiday specific candy, colored foil on kisses does not count. 

(also pumpkin pie smells like vomit.)


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2 Responses to “Stupid Turkey”

  1. Audrey says:

    I’m making maple ice cream for my Thanksgiving party this weekend. I was thinking about making pumpkin ice cream, I associate pumpkin flavored anything with Thanksgiving. Also cranberry anything. I think we need to come up with cranberry candies as new Thanksgiving traditions.


  2. Jen says:

    Thanksgiving sucks for me, too. Bad things happen around Thanksgiving. Give me the Fourth of July any day.
    Hang in there.


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