Three Kitchen Gift Ideas

If you are looking to gift some kitchen items this year, I have some suggestions for you. These are three things I use in my kitchen all the time and any of them would be a great gift for someone who liked to cook. I’m thinking of doing a series of mini guides every Sunday for the next month. Sounds fun! Level of commitment TBA.

Kitchen Gift Idea

Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan ($33) These come in a few sizes. I have the square. I am angling for a griddle one of these days. I’ve had 3 grill pans (a random from target, a le cruset and this one) and the Lodge is the winner hands down. Cleans up great, maintains high heat, gives outdoor-look grill marks and stands up to hard wear. I am not easy on my pans. (Made in the USA)

 Keep Cup Travel Cups ($10-19.95) Love, love, love these. I found these cups during my epic search to find a decent, reusable coffee cup that wasn’t made in china. I found them on fab, but you can order directly from their website. You can design your own color combinations which is totally fun or choose from the available color combos. We have four of these cups now, plus the four plus I have purchased as gifts. They don’t leak, keep your drink hot but not so molten that it never cools off and, perhaps most critically, they don’t drip when I drink out of them. I hate that coffee drip mid-chest from a shoddy cup. They are also designed to be barista standard to help get your usual drink made the same exact way. (Made in Australia)

Look  Cookware fry pans ($65 and up) This is in a tie with my Lodge grill pan for my favorite pan. My husband got this for me as a gift when we were first married and after near daily use it is just now starting to show some wear. It is a high heat pan and can go from stove to oven, which makes it perfect for frittatas. They can be a bit hard to find (amazon has some sizes/pan types. Ours is from Sur la Table and it looked like Crate and Barrel had a few) but well worth seeking out. (Made in Iceland)


I made this post intentionally without affiliate links. I really like these products and want to share. I know the holiday season can be crazy with gift guides that are really just an affiliate link extravaganza or ads with questionable disclosure and I thought I would try and share 3 gift ideas every Sunday with no ulterior motive. Well, I won’t be sharing anything made in china. If that is an ulterior motive, I’ll take it.

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6 Responses to “Three Kitchen Gift Ideas”

  1. summer says:

    Thanks for this! I generally pick up coffee cups at yard sales (for myself) throughout the year because my husband can’t be dissuaded from putting them in the dishwasher which eventually ruins them (separating the insulation from the cup) but I have never found one that didn’t cause me to spill coffee on my shirt.


    Amy Reply:

    These are one piece and can go in the dishwasher, too! I don’t do it all the time, but every few weeks I send them through. They rinse really clean. I think they are magic.


  2. Tannis says:

    We are forever searching for a cup that doesn’t do that stupid drip thing. This will revolutionize my life. Now I’ll be able to buy clothes that I expect to last longer than a few months. IMAGINE!


  3. Mason says:

    Great post, really enjoyed it!
    — Mason


  4. […] frying pan. Years of near daily use has worn mine clean out. I might just replace mine with another Look. It has its pros: awesome, lasts a long time, not made in china, but also its con: so, so spendy. […]

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