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I’m looking for some new things! Blogging seems to slow a bit from now until the beginning of the resolution posts and I’m caught up on most of my books. I’ve got some good ideas from the best of lists populating the internet right now (Is this a safe space to admit that I still haven’t read Gone Girl?), but I know most of my readers are readers and I was wondering what your favorites might be.

This is what I’m looking for (any or all will do):

1. Favorite blogs to catch up archives or lots of pretty home decor/craft/food pictures. Something unexpected.

2. Favorite single subject blogs like My Plastic Free Life or The Admiration Society.

3. Favorite book you read this year (doesn’t need to be published in 2012)

4. And while we are at it, favorite movie watched this year (doesn’t need to be released this year)


Unrelated, I’ve practically quit magazines except for Entertainment Weekly. I blame the internet.

Also unrelated:



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10 Responses to “Looking for Stuff to Read”

  1. Eileen says:

    I haven’t read Gone Girl, but will next year for my book club I’m in. We’re reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children right now, and I’m only a couple chapters in, but really like it. Make sure if you get it, you get the hard copy and not the ebook, the old photos and hand written letters lose something in the ecopy from what I’ve heard.


    Amy Reply:

    I bought that forever ago and maybe you will inspire me to find it. Thanks for the suggestion!


  2. Mommy Boots says:

    Read: Divergent. If you like Hunger Games, you will like it.
    Watch: 50/50, Chronicle, Cabin in the Woods.


    Amy Reply:

    We just got Cabin in the Woods from Netflix and are watching it tonight, so funny you mentioned it. I’ll check out Divergent. I liked book one of Hunger Games but just thought the other two were ok.


  3. Denae says:

    My favorite books this year has been the Steel Street series by Tara Janzen. The style unlike anything I have ever seen before. Technically romance but very edgy and action packed. Not your typical special forces books. Very unique characters.


    Amy Reply:

    That sounds interesting. Your description makes me think of the JD Robb series, the …in Death ones.


  4. Jayme says:

    I read 11/22/63 by Stephen King and REALLY enjoyed it. Not what you’d expect from King at all. I also like The Passage by Justin Cronin, although it was long and rather disturbing, and it’s the first in a series, and I don’t know if I’m up for the second one yet.

    For movies, we watched 50/50, and it was amazing. So, so good. It has Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogan. Really funny, really sad. Fantastic movie. We also really enjoyed The Dark Knight Rises. I may be obsessed with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Hesher was awesome too).


  5. Audrey says:

    Have you ever read Carl Hiaasen? Cus he is my absolute favorite author to read these days. He takes bizarre story snippets from newspaper clippings and then works them into his novels – which are all set in Florida because that’s where he lives and works as a reporter. He wrote Striptease, actually, and the part where her ex husband steals wheelchairs for a living was one of the newspaper clipping Hiaasen had in his collection. I’m reading Chomp! right now.

    I also recently read The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore and it was super funny and a quick read and is a Christmas story. And if you like it you might consider reading Lamb: The Gospel according to Biff, Christ’s childhood pal – which is also super funny.

    And if you like urban fantasy books at all I’m gonna push my friend Lucy’s novels on you – she wrote Spellbent, Shotgun Sorceress and Switchblade Goddess and they are all about the same character. There’s a fourth one coming but she’s negotiating with the publisher because she only had a 3 book deal. Lucy Snyder. They are very good and have lots of humor in them.



    Amy Reply:

    I like all of those things! Tourist Season is my favorite Carl Hiassen book. I don’t think I’ve read anyone of the ones that came out after about 2007. He’s one of my favorite used book store authors because he is so prolific and I always seem to find something new. I have read Lamb, and the other one by Christopher Moore, with a whale on it… Fluke? I’m not sure what urban fantasy is, but I’ll check those out for sure.


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