Modern Playdate

Spencer looks forward to his video chats with my sister very much. He asks every day if he can talk to Aunt Laurie on the computer and the other day, we were texting to sort out the time and I told him she was ready and he ran over to my laptop and got mad because she didn’t have a green available dot yet. He knew! Kids these days.

Once we got connected, he showed off his puzzles and trains and everything he could bring to the computer. They even played a (hilarious) game of hide and seek. “I’M HIDING!!! NOW I’M IN THE KITCHEN!!”

Then it was puppet show time.

If only my sister could actually babysit through the laptop…

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  1. Leah says:

    My sister and I have cousin playdates like this. It’s basically 20 minutes of Calder and his cousin showing each other monster trucks. They seem to love it though.


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