Numbers Stations

Numbers stations freak me out. I’m pretty convinced everyone out there is a spy and I am realizing that I have a fairly nefarious view of the world. Well, not my view exactly, I just think everyone else if nefarious. Not me. Don’t even get me started about the old guy down the street with the religious signs and uncanny ability to know exactly when the trash truck is coming. Retired spy. For sure.

Since we’re talking about numbers (segues are not my strong suit. I always got dinged on that in creative writing), here is what might be my single favorite (straight out of camera) picture of Spencer I’ve ever taken with my phone (to date).


He was in heaven with this number circle, but kept getting tripped up because he could run the numbers faster than he could say them. My husband goes back to work tomorrow after two weeks off and Spencer is going to beĀ devastatedĀ  He adored having his dad home to play every day. He is going to sucker me in to making cookies every day.

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  1. James Dillinger says:

    You are right. Everyone is spying on you, thanks to Janet Napolitano, “If you see something, say something”.

    Have you seen this:

    Contain your paranoia by confronting it.


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