Just Finished: The Willpower Instinct {BlogHer BookClub}

I had my doubts about The Willpower Instinct. I love nonfiction, but don’t tend to enjoy self-help. Luckily, The Willpower Instinct read more like the former than the latter. It was chock full of interesting tidbits of information as well as tools to improve your approach to life, if one is so inclined. As an added bonus, author Kelly McGonigal writes in an especially user friendly voice for someone presenting research information.

The book is based on a course the author teaches through Stanford University’s continuing education program and is structured with chapters meant to emulate each week of the course, both lecture and assignment. It’s a ton of information to take in and the author suggests either tackling a chapter a week or skimming the book entirely and then going back and attempting the exercises. I opted for the second approach.

I think my favorite chapter was Too Tired to Resist: Why Self Control Is Like a Muscle and that is going to be my first self-assigned chapter. There were lots of small actionable steps for those of us (like me!) completely devoid of willpower. The License to Sin chapter was fascinating too. I ended up reading big chunks of it aloud to my husband in the car. Did you know that when there is a healthy option on a menu, people are more likely to choose the most fattening thing? Crazy.

I would say fans of nonfiction should definitely pick this one up even if they think their self might not need improving. It’s a super interesting read. Check out BlogHer Book Clubs first discussion topic, What is your willpower challenge?, and join in the fun!


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  4. […] The Willpower Instinct, Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D., finished 1/10/2013, referred by BlogHer Book Club 272 Pages […]

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