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This week was crazy and mostly like Spring – in like a lion out like a lamb. My sister was here at the beginning of the week, Spencer headed back to school after a week off due to illness and then this weekend, we have pretty much lounged. Although, I have my fingers crossed that this out of the ordinary afternoon nap that he is taking right now just means he’s tired from a short night of sleep not that he is getting his third cold in as many weeks. I don’t really know what to do about them anymore except pull him out of school for the remainder of cold and flu season, but that seems a little extreme.

I think this is my new favorite phone picture of Spencer. But weirdly, it didn’t save to my camera roll from instagram and when I tried to do it later, it is tiny. Is there a way to save a bigger file later?

Ready for departure.

I also brought home a free boat that was out for free in the neighborhood. I am officially not allowed to make fun for my husband’s propensity for bringing home curb treasures.

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4 Responses to “This Week”

  1. Suzanne says:

    I discovered that my Instagram photos were saving to my phone in some extra random Instagram folder. I think it was part of the update? If it’s not there you can always just resize the photo, but you’re going to lose a lot of the quality. Which is too bad, since it’s adorable!!


    Amy Reply:

    What’s weird is that most of them are in the camera roll. Just not that one. I’ll have to look for a folder, thanks!


  2. Audrey says:

    Boat! I’d be tempted by that. It makes me glad we have real winter here, because we don’t go curb crawling in the winter. Too cold, too dark earlier and everything ends up being wet and gross and I don’t want to bring it into the car. lol


  3. Eileen says:

    If you don’t find the pic, try

    I did that with all of my instagrams and backed them up to flickr, but you can limit it to the date where you took it forward I think if you didn’t want all of your instagrams downloaded.


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