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Pardon the lack of posts with words around here. I’m in a mood and sparing the internet from the insane ramblings of a shut-in. I’m so happy February is ending and so far there are some fun family outings on the horizon for March so maybe I can turn my mood around,

In general housekeeping news, have I mentioned that I am headed to Bloggy Bootcamp in April? Well I am and I couldn’t be more excited about it. In related news, I, um, “self-sponosor” myself for blogging conferences and as a result have quite a few sponsored posts on the horizon. Sorry for the intrusion, but some of the stuff is pretty cool.

He wakes up with this much energy. I… do not.

In Spencer news, he is awesome. Loud, but awesome. He gave himself a middle of the night mysterious black eye. He either fell out of bed on to his dresser or somehow banged his face on the headboard. No clue. He was in the middle of his bed when I went in there after I heard the thump and subsequent crying so he either got himself back in to bed with lightening speed or did it on the bed. It’s a mystery.

I can’t beleive it is already time to sign up for school for next year and I’ll be signing him up for actual pre-K. I don’t even know where time is going.

And lastly a tip. Save your daffodils, people! They can be dug up and improperly stored and still bring you joy for years to come. When we were selling my mom’s house in 2007, I dug up a bunch of her bulbs and threw them in a bucket. Months later I stuck them in the ground at this house and they still come up years later and because daffodils naturalize, I have even more. I will be bringing them with me for sure if we ever sell this house.

All the yellow ones in the front just popped this week.

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