Easter Weekend!

I absolutely can not believe how fast Easter got here. I know it is early this year, but seriously March just flew by. Spencer and I dyed eggs yesterday. I tried that whisk method I kept seeing on pinterest with mixed results. He could use it ok, but kept bending the spokes too far to get the eggs in and out so my whisk might be a little bent for good.

The whisk method worked best on eggs where he just wanted to leave it in the color. I just wiped it off for him between colors. He would open up the whisk and let the egg slide in to the color, it would also work for dipping, but apparently Spencer isn’t much of a dipper/stripe maker.

Spencer had so much fun I actually boiled another dozen eggs that afternoon so he could keep going. Luckily, we eat quite a few hard boiled eggs a week so we should eat them all up no problem.

 He was eating an egg before we even finished dyeing them. Kiddo LOVES hard boiled eggs.

I’m super excited to be hosting Easter dinner this year. It will just be 5 of us, but I still want the meal to be good. Have to impress my in-laws after all; I’ve never hosted Easter before. I’m doing a smoked spiral ham, roasted asparagus, sautéed garlic spinach, bread, salad and I think this meyer lemon pudding with blueberries for dessert. Potatoes? Do I need potatoes? Maybe potatoes, too.

Spencer has all sorts of things to say about Easter this year:

  • Jesus praying in the garden with his “bicycles” (disciples)
  • Jesus dying and going in the clouds to play with rainbows
  • “Jesus rode his donkey then they died him on a cross. But not his donkey on a cross because donkeys don’t like crosses.”
  • Every time we pass something even vaguely cross-shaped: “that’s a cross like Jesus died on.” Once, he said “Jesus died on a cross. Not a triangle. Triangles are a very pointy shape.”
I am surprised he hasn’t asked me if the Easter bunny killed Jesus. It’s only a matter of time.
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2 Responses to “Easter Weekend!”

  1. Jackie says:

    You know… I saw a few pics of people using whisks to help with coloring eggs and thought what a great idea and totally forgot about it!

    It sounds like you have a great meal planned! With the bread I think you can skip the potatoes.


  2. Sarah says:

    Your dinner sounds delicious! Cole is an equally funny budding theologian – he resells the story of Passover instead of Easter, though, since we’re Jewish. A few highlights: God used magic to make the swimming pool red. Moses, the superhero, made a bridge with his log sword. The bad knights couldn’t go over the bridge.


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