Mullin Automotive Museum

One of the cool things about living in Southern California is all the rich people. Not because all of the super rich people are awesome in and of themselves (though some are, I’m sure), but some of the super rich people do cool things with their money.

Take Peter Mullin. He has penchant for collecting French cars from the 1920s and 1930s and the funds to do it with. What is a car collector to do? How about start a foundation, open a museum and share the cars with the world. That’s just what he did. And the Mullin Automotive Museum is a lovely celebration of Art Deco cars and culture.

Mullin Automotive Museum
We had the added bonus of visiting on a private tour day. not because we are fancypants, but because my husband works Saturdays, the only day of the week that the museum is open to the public via general admission. It actually worked out great because for a reasonable surcharge (regular admission is $15 and private tour admission is $25) you get admission for the morning and a private tour and the whole thing is limited to about 15 people at a time. Super cool.

Oxnard Car Museum

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a museum so empty. Amazing.

Now, I’m not really a car person, but I can appreciate spectacular design and workmanship, and the cars at the Mullin Automotive Museum have that in spades. Plus, I was literally 5 feet from a Best in Show winner from Pebble Beach. Even as a non car person, I know that is a very big deal. Maybe I am absorbing something from all of the car magazines around the house via osmosis.

Mullin Museum Bugatti in the Lake

The museum houses the fascinating Lake Bugatti which was salvaged after 70 years at the bottom of a Swiss lake. The museum chose to keep it in the unrestored state as a curiosity. The details of the cars abandonment and rescue can he found here.

  Vintage Bugatti Racecar

I loved the race cars on the second floor. (Also, race car is one of my favorite palindromes.)

Bugatti Race Car Mullin Museum

I love blue cars and I can not lie.

This is the most expensive thing I have ever used for a selfie. Like millions.

Tucked in the back of the museum is part of the Schlumpf collection, a lot of 62 cars that was purchased by Peter Mullin with the intent to keep most of the cars in their current condition rather than restoring them. I found them quite charming and less intimidating than the full gloss of the showpiece cars.

Schlumpf Mullin Automotive Museum

  Bugatti Mullin

The exhibit my husband wanted to see was  La Vision de Voisin who is apparently a super famous French automotive & aeronautic engineer/designer. I even payed attention to the movie the museum shows and all I learned was that Man Ray and Josephine Baker owned them. Fancy! Oh, and as a joke he called his radiator emblem “the chicken.” I only remember the important things. Clearly.

I don’t remember why i took this photo but that there in the background is a textile!

Fancy Expensive Cars

Fancy cars are fancy.

The Mullin Automotive Museum is (oddly) located in Oxnard, California, which is about an hour north of Los Angeles.  It is open on Tuesdays (via reservation) and Saturdays (general admission). If you like fancy shiny cars it is totally worth the trip. I think the Voisin exhibit ends in April.

This post was not sponsored in any way or endorsed by the museum.

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3 Responses to “Mullin Automotive Museum”

  1. Valerie says:

    That is so cool! It’s going on my list of things to do next time I’m down there.


  2. Brigid Keely says:

    That looks like a pretty cool, fun place to go! I’m glad you were able to see it.

    It’s really cool that this guy makes his collection available to the public rather than locking it away like a lot of car collectors do.


    Amy Reply:

    Some of the cars are also partially owned by the museum collections so I am sure a lot of it has to do with tax write offs and additional purchasing power, but yes it is AMAZING to see a collector be this generous with his collection. Especially considering that the cars are just right there, not behind ropes or glass.


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