Vote for the Worst Kids Show on TV! Round 4!

So, we’ve made it to the Elite Eight! Crap. Is that trademarked? Edgy Eight? Exclusive Eight? Whatever. Eight left. This is the round that decides the worst show on each channel and then in the next round, for the first time, we’ll have mixed channel match-ups. EXCITING! That’s it!! The exciting eight! Woot! Trademark infringement suit averted.

vote for the worst kids show on tv

Our Nick Jr finalists aren’t much of a surprise. Dora versus Dino Dan. Most people predicted these would be the final two from Nick Jr, with the possibility of Max & Ruby edging out Dino Dan. In fact, I thought M&R would go all the way to the Nick Jr finals and failed to make a WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS??!?!! joke. But I did discover that Dan and Dora can plug themselves into the Max & Ruby theme song quite nicely so all is not lost. Dan and Dora! Dora and Dan!

We thought it would be fun to share some trivia about the shows that made it this far, of course I thought that was a good idea before I realized there is nothing interesting about Dino Dan. It’s Canadian! Dan was in Sunshine Cleaning, which is a movie I saw and liked, but remember nothing about. There are only 26 episodes! The actress who plays the mom was in a comedy troupe with Samantha Bee! Ok. That is marginally interesting.

Dora on the other hand – muy escandaloso! The second voice of Dora sued Nickelodeon Viacom for being underpaid and owed royalties, her family settled and then lost almost the entire settlement to taxes and lawyer fees.  Plus there was the questionable tween makeover (on the show, not the actress) and the explorer girls. Weirdly, the dates for a lot of the voice actors don’t line up on wikipedia and imdb, but at one point Map and Swiper were voiced by the same guy, who at one point was a writer on SNL. Trivia!

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In delightfully random pairing news, there could be a Dan vs Dan match-up if Dan vs goes all the way. Although, still having never seen an episode, I am sort of a fan now that I found out that the Family Ties parents voice a pair of parents on the show. I guess the two shows share a producer, but that’s cute.

The WotWots is a show from New Zealand and some of the computer work is done by Weta, a company that is a little more famous for some movie trilogies – Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Plus the WotWots are ready to face a dystopian future because SallyWot is voiced by an actress who was in District 9. The narrator was in Hercules: The Legendary Journey.

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Why did I not do trivia when I had shows that had cool tidbits! REGRETS! Suzanne has the final match-ups from Disney Jr and Sprout. Caillou versus Barney might be a nail biter, people hate both of those shows so much! I have a feeling Choo Choo Soul is going to wipe the floor with 3rd and Bird, but we will see. Head over to bebehblog to vote. Voting ends Tuesdau at Midnight.


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