Worst Kids TV Show Round 1 Summary

Voting is still open!

You can vote for round one of the worst kids show on television “march madness” style preschool showdon until Sunday night.

For Sprout/PBS, I am SHOCKED that Word World is losing to Bernstein Bears. We love Word World, there is singing! and spelling!

See the full set and vote for the worst show on PBS/Sprout here.

Hub has the lowest vote tally so far. I’m not sure if that is because the shows skew a little older or no one watches the channel. All I know is I could look at this photo all day. Also, the Care Bears are in a deadlock with the Super Hero Squad show. Depending on your feelings about Grump Bear, you might want to get in there and vote.

See the full set and vote for the worst show on Hub here.

I’m pleased to see that Doc McStuffins is pretty well liked. Baring the occasionally lame song, the show is pretty inoffensive. Plus, Stuffy the Dragon is voiced by Cousin Oliver from the Brady Bunch. Random!

See the full set and vote for the worst show on Disney Jr here.

The Nick Jr bracket is chaos. Lots of close races and weird pairings. And I’ve heard that Backyardigans vs Wonder Pets is hard to vote for because people either love them both or hate them both. I give the Wonder Pets a pass just for the Beetles and the Rat Pack episodes.

See the full set and vote for the worst show on Nick Jr here.

Voting ends Sunday at midnight. Have fun!

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4 Responses to “Worst Kids TV Show Round 1 Summary”

  1. Leah says:

    I think Wonderpets really has to take that bracket. If only because Ming Ming is a Ruby-level cooze to that poor stupid turtle.

    Apparently, I feel quite strongly about this subject.


    Amy Reply:



    Leah Reply:

    I just died. I can’t vote anymore because now I am dead.


  2. Little Big says:

    This is one of the most hilarious ideas ever.


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