Making Faces

We were taking some photos on the porch for the lemonade base post and Spencer got a little silly. He’s also drinking some of that delicious lemonade.

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14 Responses to “Making Faces”

  1. Theresa says:

    Such silly faces :)


  2. stevebethere says:

    10/10 for terrific funny faces heheh!

    Have a fantabulosa week :-)


  3. Tabitha Blue says:

    Such a cutie!!!!



  4. Awesome faces! lol


    Judy Haughton-James Reply:

    Cute shots! He definitely seems to be enjoying the lemonade. Thanks for hosting.


  5. Joyce says:

    I feel like I’ve been watching this little boy grow up one Wednesday at a time.


  6. Awe! Too adorable!


  7. He’s so cute.. love all the different expressions.


  8. I love silly faces like that!


  9. His eyes are just beautiful…mama…one of these days…the girls will be everywhere!!


  10. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for joining me in the Wordless Wednesday Bloggers. And remember, while silence may be golden on WWB, the weekend was made to be enjoyed :-)



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