Spencer likes to pick me special yellow flowers.

On the hunt

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12 Responses to “Weeds”

  1. I found this cute quote:
    “And so it criticized each flower,
    This supercilious seed;
    Until it woke one summer hour,
    And found itself a weed.”
    – Mildred Howells, The Different Seed

    Would love to have you stop by!!


  2. My kids used to do this too. It is so adorable.


  3. Ha ha ha, I used to do that as a kid as well!


  4. kewkew says:

    Such sweet flowers. We have used them for coloring before.


  5. My boys love doing that too.. plucking weeds that they see. Happy WW


  6. Paula J says:

    My 9 year old still picks me weeds and I like it lol :)
    Happy WW!


  7. Real cute! Yellow flowers are beautiful. Thanks for hosting.


  8. I remember squashing them against my chin when I was a little girl. Loved having a yellow chin. Ha!


  9. veronica lee says:

    Yep, my boys picked me weeds too when they were little! Once, they came home with a bunch crawling with ants!! Eeek!


  10. Your malt vinegar fries look SO good! Thanks for the party.


  11. Audrey says:

    Those aren’t weeds! Those are good eats! Well… the leaves are. The flower heads aren’t my thing. ;)


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