Things I Learned in my 30s

On this the eve of the month of the last time I will turn an age that starts with a three, I though I would share with you things I learned in my 30s that I wish I learned in my 20s.

  1. You can use regular stick eyeliner to trace and outline of liquid liner.
  2. If you get weird zits up by or in your eyebrows, wash your sunglass. Stop and think about that ew for a minute. Bonus: high cheekbone acne, wash your phone.
  3. Don’t touch your face.
  4. Seriously, don’t touch your face. (It prevents skin irritation and the spread of a lot of contagious things if you just wash your hands before putting your hands near your mouth, nose or eyes
  5. I would rather have someone occasionally say something mean to me or that I disagreed with then have them be nice all the time. At least then I would know that they meant it. Being nice for the sake of being nice is for kindergarten. Note: nice and polite are not interchangeable in that maxim.
  6. Baby wipes take make-up stains off of nearly anything. Also baby wipes clean microfiber furniture.
  7. Old Navy and Target change their t-shirt styles almost every year. If you find a style you like one year, buy 3 black and 3 white. Most important tip: do not wait for a sale.
  8. If you have long hair and you brush it before you get in the shower, a billion fewer hairs will end up in the drain.
  9. Before buying anything online put “{store name} coupon code” into google. I normally get free shipping or at least 10% off every single time.
  10. Unsubscribe from online newsletters if you have deleted more than two without opening. In the long run, deleting them will take more time than unsubscribing once.
  11. Baking soda and vinegar down the drain once a month solves so many kitchen sink issues.
  12. It’s ok to give people a second chance, but only an idiot allows someone to stab you in the back for a third time.
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5 Responses to “Things I Learned in my 30s”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Wait, what about the eyeliner? You do both kinds? I am more terrified of eyeliner than any other make-up. Except for matte lipstick. That shit’s insane.

    This is all really excellent advice.


    Amy Reply:

    You can just trace the line lightly with regular pencil eyeliner and then go over it with liquid liner. It helps the liquid liner follow the right path. I also love the felt pen eyeliner that is like a marker.


  2. Valerie says:

    I was totally touching my face when I read this. Ha! Must stop that habit!


  3. Brigid Keely says:

    When you see people (usually people in Japan) walking around in cold & flu season wearing those masks, it’s not to prevent germs per se. They aren’t small enough to filter germs. What they DO is stop people from touching their nose and mouth with their fingers, which means that when their fingers pick up germs from other people coughing/sneezing/breathing/whatever, they can’t transfer those germs to their nose/mouth.


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