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Spencer writes stories every day lately. I guess I should say that he dictates them. I am his official stenographer. Who was the show-runner who dictated all of his scripts? The Deadwood guy? I’m like his writing assistant, but unpaid. The stories come in two or three flavors (sort of like Three’s Company). There is Angry Birds story (unlicensed), Spencer narrates what he is doing or Spencer is in a TV show universe. Occasionally all three.

Angry Birds Story:
Once upon a time, there was 4 angry birds and next a force bird came and made there 5 angry birds. And then a giant rawr bird came and made 6 angry birds that were angry. Really. Susha. Next a Spencer came with all his baking set. Next Spencer baked a giant forced bird. He scoops it up in his giant spoon and puts the lid on, the force bird got smooshed and he took the lid off and put the lid on and the pan under it and then he took the lid off and put it inside and whirled it up, adds some flours and pepper, puts the lid off, flips it over and he puts the eraser on the book and baked forced bird and ate it up. The End.

Narration Story:
Once upon a time, Spencer slipped on a rug and fell to the floor. Then he whoa slipped to the gate then bopped into the couch, his chair, his mommy. Then he raced to the camera. Next he bopped into the  couch. Then he flipped on the big giant bed trying to get the eraser and he tried to run but was out of running power and walking power. Then he ran all over saying, “I touched my mommy with my feet!” She tried to call the trucks but he made too much noise. Then 800 force birds came because there were millions of the same bird.

Then Spencer tried to hop but there was millions of stuff in the way. Then he fell on his mommy and was crawling really slow. Then he stomped and he stomped he blow the house down and then he ran and jumped over a big giant xylophone. Then he jumped and he jumped and he blew mommy down. He could never see daddy anywhere. Then he tripped and knocked his force bird stew down and fell on a chair. Then he came with an eraser and erased the wow {wow erased in notes} Then he bounced with paper waving at his mommy. The End

Tv Stories: {These are normally told at bedtime and much shorter. I took notes on my phone}
Once upon a time, Spencer was in Umi City with Team Umi Zoomi, Milli, Geo and Bot. Then they were all kitties and ran up a hill and down a hill. Then it was time for umi snacks and umi car. Spencer magic shrinks down and rides all around the town. As kitties. Umi kitties. Up the hill and then umi car. The End.

I try and do my best to capture exactly what he is saying, but he talks a mile a minute and doesn’t stop to breathe. I’m a little rusty on my note taking skills. In college, I could have knocked these out with ease, but dictation is hard to take from a loud kiddo hurtling himself bodily around the room. Most of the words are verbatim even though the sheer volume of thens and nexts makes me cringe.

I’m not trying to say that Spencer is a budding literary genius, but I think the stories are cute. I know this might be one of those things that is only cute to his mother or his Aunt (Hi sister! These are for you), but I think they’re awesome coming from a not-quite-four-year-old. I’ll close with a personal favorite. And only his second story, I think.

Once upon a time, there was a big, giant hippo. Then star wars angry birds came with a force bird and Spencer holds the hippo’s mouth open and then it wanted to eat the woowa bird. Then Spencer closed the hippo mouth and put it back where it belonged. An elephant came with a giant maker-noiser and then it make a super-duper-duper-duper of noise. The End


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5 Responses to “Creative Writing”

  1. Emily says:

    I love these stories. You could make a weekly column of them! I may be biased as a teacher… I kind of love kid stories and their wackiness. I especially like the “giant maker-noiser.” I bet hed could draw some really funny pictures to illustrate these one day.


  2. I loved to write stories as a kid. I was a bit older when the notion to actually *write* them down took place. I especially loved it when my mom would take us to work with her on Saturdays and I was allowed to type them out on the word processor (hello 80’s!) and I’ll never forget the time she let me type them out on the word processing program on the office computer and then I didn’t save it properly and I lost my whole page. It was a dramatic time to be a 7 year old writer.


  3. Audrey says:

    These are awesome. If he doesn’t end up a literary genius he might be the next Joss Whedon. ;)


  4. Suzanne says:

    “I touched my mommy with my feet!” is my favorite. My mom wrote down some of my stories for me, and I love looking back at them now. Kids have the best imaginations.


  5. Jackie says:

    I love that you’re writing the stories down. They’ll be great to read through when he’s older and try to figure out what he was thinking.


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