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Since posting the Let’s Read Blogs! post, I’ve had a few people ask me how exactly I find new things to read. I don’t have a great answer – I know lots of places to find new blog posts to read, but not as many ways to find a whole new blog. I have found most of mine through twitter, facebook, friends recommendations and, to be quite honest, a bunch through GOMI. There is a “stay on my internets” section as well as just the simple fact that just because some people don’t like a blogger doesn’t mean I won’t. Another great way to find the personal blogs of people who write elsewhere, like entertainment or blogmag sites. Check out those bios!

As for me, I love a good link round up most of all. Here are some of my favorites and when to find them.

places to find blog posts to read

  1. Fugs & Pieces, entertainment/pop culture links posted on Fridays on Go Fug Yourself.
  2. Weekday Links on Girls of a Certain Age, posted most weekdays. These aren’t just fashion, but cover a lot of pop culture and women’s interest
  3. Link Love, Fridays on Nubby Twiglet, this is a great collection of weekly links. Some design stuff, but tons of links about blogging and running a small business. I love these because the stuff she pulls from almost never overlaps from anything else I’m reading.
  4. Pajiba Love, weekdays on Pajiba. Mostly, but not all, entertainment. I have seen many a viral link included on these lists a good day or two before they go viral.
  5. Sharing is Caring, Mondays on Manic Mama. This is a new one for me, full of good parenting links from around the web.
Hope you find something new and fun to read!


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