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How’s it going? I think I’m moving in to some sort of summer schedule, I don’t know. No part of me feels the slightest twinge of guilt for neglecting things over here, so that’s probably healthy, right? My husband just went back to work today after month of. We mostly did things around the house, chilled and had a Legoland adventure. We thought about going up to the Sequoias, but have not camping supplies, hotels are super spendy or very rustic in the Mendocino area and we think we might be travel trailer people. We’re certainly investigating the possibility before next summer.

Waiting in line face.

I’m closing in on the halfway mark for my 50 books in 2013 self challenge. I need to update the page, but am a little embarrassed about the slightly smutty books that comprise the last three. What can I say, I got hooked on a series that was cheap and breezy.

Spencer is off for another week and then starts up school again. I mean, they call it camp, but it is basically school but extended and hour, with a lunch and the kids play outside a lot. Sounds good to me. I signed him up for Tu/Th again and then he switched to MWF in the Fall. Most of his school chums are staying Tu/Th so… I hope he’s ok with it. His most favorite friend of all is going to MWF camp, he’s going to be crushed.

Pre-scary ride game face.

It feels weird to have most of our summer plans over before Summer has technically even started. I did sign Spencer up for that Kids Bowl Free program to try and force us in to doing fun things. Hopefully, he likes bowling.



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3 Responses to “Hello There!”

  1. Jackie says:

    On the plus side if he doesn’t like bowling you’re not out anything since it was free!

    Where is your book list? I need some inspiration… I’ve been reading a lot lately but need a few new ideas.


    Amy Reply:

    I meant to link it, whoops! http://babybabylemon.com/index.php/2013/01/50-books-in-2013/


  2. My kiddos don’t view the things I have planned for summer as “school work.” My kiddos do much better when there is structure to our day, so I will have an hour (maybe) of structured learning time using the things described above, but it certainly won’t be intense like our typical school days. I’m looking forward to some relaxed, lazy summer days.


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