Something Something of Doom

Some little bits updates.Spencer is addicted to the show Wipeout. It is sort of hilarious. His favorite is the backyard barbecue themed episode because it contains a weird corn roller/spanker thing. I don’t know what he loves about the show most. The people falling down? The random pits of goo? Jumping around like crazy? Who knows. The show is like crack for 4-year-old addicted to jumping and bouncing. A Wipeout themed bounce-house/water park/party place aimed at kids would make a FORTUNE.

Wipeout related. I know this because he yelled WIPEOUT when he jumped.

He plays Wipeout the Home Version two ways. One: he jumps around the house careening wildly in to things/people/furniture screaming about the feature he just escaped. Two: He builds contraptions and sends his Duplo people through them. Each obstacle is named the something something of doom. I love the second option. The first leads to bruising.

Contraptions of dooooooom

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  1. Audrey says:

    haha, awesome. I think you’re right, wipeout bounce-house type kid spot would make a ton. MAKE IT SO.


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