The Best $2 You Will Spend Today

Or maybe not. I don’t know your taste in books. The Hairpin has released an ebook of long-form travel stories called An Experience Definitely Worth Allegedly Having: Travel Stories from The Hairpin (Kindle Serial). I think there will be 8 in total and you get a new one every two weeks. You only pay the $2 once and the book updates itself. Like magic. I bought this yesterday and read the first story – step aerobics in Buenos Aries are involved – and thought it was great. One of the upcoming stores is from Anne Helen Peterson, my personal favorite of the Hairpin authors. Buy it. You (probably) won’t regret it. And if you do, you can just run around yelling I want my two dollars and feel better.

┬áPlease note: links are amazon affiliate links. Please also note: the book costs $2 so it’s not like I’m going to be raking in the monies.



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