Pumpkin Carving with Pumpkin Masters Kits {sponsored}

We had so much fun carving pumpkins this year. When I received the awesome tools from Pumpkin Masters I knew I wanted to see it all in action. Spencer is only four so his attention span for carving is pretty limited. He’s more of a pick the pattern and then wants it to magically appear in 5 minutes. Thankfully, we have Halloween loving friends with 3 grade school aged kids. Perfect for a veritable pumpkin carving bonanza.


The set up for a pumpkin carving party is pretty easy. We used the grass in the backyard, but a tarp would work, too. I’ve even carved a pumpkin indoors once but I felt like the pumpkin guts smell lingered for days. We had Pumpkin Masters kits, a big carving knife, some spoons for guts removal, bowls for holding pumpkin parts, some paper towels and some extra patterns. The Kits are great because the contain everything you need for the actual carving of the pumpkin. I felt much more secure watching the 10 year olds use the tools than I would if knives had been involved. Given the age of the kids, we had an adult cut open the pumpkins, but scraping can be done at any age.

Pumpkin Carving with Kids

The scraper thing is so handy! No gouging, like with a spoon.

While the adults finished up most of the innards removal, the kids picked out their designs. Spencer decided on a spiral from the punch kit (mostly because it looked like an S, but his pumpkin wasn’t tall enough to run the design vertically) and a spider from the kids kit, so he could use the super cool eyes that came with the set. The older kids decided on a superman logo S, the UCLA logo and Jack Skellington. They found the patterns online and brought them over.

Pumpkin Masters Punch Kit

He went back and cleaned up some of the holes with the tiny saw after punching.

I would rate the skill level on the punch set pretty high. The spacer tool was easy enough to use, but I had some trouble getting the punch all the way through the shell of the pumpkin. My husband was able to finish the design and mentioned that it seemed like a particularly thick pumpkin. He may have been just trying to make me feel better. I was worried about the complexity of the designs until I saw that the large circle and small circle were attached in a single tool which results in even spacing every time.

Our 2013 Pumpkin Gallery

These are pretty obviously kid’s pumpkins and we are super pleased with them. That said, they are clearly not the most amazing pumpkins in the world. Do you carve the most amazing pumpkins in the world? There is a contest just for you! Pumpkin Masters is searching for carving talent as part of its annual Pumpkin Masters Carving Contest. Share a picture of your carving via Instagram or Twitter with #PumpkinMasters2013, submit via the Facebook app or send via email to: social@pumpkinmasters.com to enter for the chance to win one of six prizes, including $5,000 for the Best Pumpkin. Contest runs from October 1 – 31, 2013. Contest details and official rules can be found here.


The seven legged spider with strobe light is the official family favorite. #pumpkinmasterskit #spon by @babybabylemon

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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