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Blurby post time!

I am guessing everybody saw the family news in the Wordless Wednesday post, but I thought I might as well repeat it here. The traffic is so different for that post, but I think I saw most of my regular commenters show up. Anyways. No one wants to be accused of failing to properly spread the news.  And in case you missed it, I’m pregnant! I’m announcing at 20 weeks, which in blog announcement terms basically means that I am gestating like an elephant.  But the good thing about it is that I can tell you all the info right away. I’m due Feb 19th-ish and it’s a boy!


I realized I have a ton of random posts I just… never finished. No particular reason, but I never did Spencer’s party. From July. Whatever. It was super cute and I am posting that cake topper. We worked SO HARD on it. Well, not that hard, but it did require a lot of thought. Also, some fun Halloween stuff and some recipes that have been sitting in drafts.


And speaking of Halloween, sponsored post season (they always seem to be heavier through the holidays) is upon us and I am being more selective this year than I have in the past and really tried to chose only the things that I was genuinely interested in or topics I would post about either way. I hope they don’t seem too intrusive. I feel like they’ve been better lately and some of the ones that weren’t a very good fit have been dropped or the program ended.


The Little Mermaid giveaway winner was Mami2jcn so please email me back if you haven’t already  or I’ll have to chose another winner.


I feel like somehow I sort of just missed this summer. We spent so much time at home while Spencer was working on potty training, plus he developed this weird bird thing and wouldn’t go outside much. So as a result, the summer is just this blur of pajama days and nick jr and trips to Target. Which is FINE, but I plan to Autumn the heck out of this Fall.


Orange is still Spencer’s favorite color by far and this vest is a new favorite. He insisted on the “long one” and kiddo is wearing a 6T here. SIX. Crazy. I still get comments from random strangers about how tall he is. I figure he’ll stop growing someday.


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2 Responses to “This, That and The Other Thing”

  1. Suzanne says:

    I really love random bits and pieces posts like this. They feel like chatting with a friend. Spencer needs to come visit Connecticut, he would fit right in with the orange vests.


  2. Leah says:

    Congratulations again and I completely understand the too busy to post situation. After a while it seems like… well, I guess it wasn’t that important anyways.


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