Thanksgiving Crafts with Kiwi Crate! {review}

I seriously can’t stop talking about Kiwi Crates, My friends are probably sick of hearing about them, but I don’t care. I love that the Kiwi Crate crafts remind me of something I would have made as a kid with my mom or in girl scouts, which also would be with my mom because she was the co-troop leader. Luckily,she was one crafty lady. The materials are high quality and  do have a convenience factor, glue dots, sticky back felt and stick-on googly eyes make everything a little easier but don’t make it feel like you aren’t actually crafting and making something yourself. I find with some of the modern kits, it feels a little too assemble line and plasticky. Not the case with Kiwi Crate at all.

Spencer was so excited to get the Thanksgiving Turkeys Kiwi Crate box. He’s a kid who loves projects, crafts and art stuff so that wasn’t so surprising. The Thanksgiving Turkeys box comes with two projects, the turkey game and turkey place cards. He spent some serious time deciding which project to do first, but in the end the turkey game won.

Kiwi Crate Thanksgiving Box

Glue dots are serious business

He’s only 4 so he can’t do the crafts alone, but they’re fun to do and quick (plus low mess!) so adults or older kids won’t mind helping out. The directions are illustrated and written and Spencer could follow the gist of the project and read him the specifics. The turkey game is fun because really you are building something that can be a game or decorations so it is functional as well as entertaining.*

Playing the game after making it

The makers of Kiwi Crate aren’t joking around with the everything you need is included statement. Plus some of the supplies are clever. To attach the boxes, clear stickers about the size of big address labels are used. I never would have thought of that or thought beyond using tape. Also the supplies are reasonable. If for some reason you lost something out of the box before doing the project, there is probably something in your house that would work instead, glue for glue dots, tape, markers, etc.

Reading up before we start the place card turkeys

Spencer begged to make the place card turkeys as soon as we finished the turkey game, but I wanted to spread it out a little. We made it just about a day and then got the Kiwi Crate box out again. The turkey place cards were a little more challenging, but still totally doable with a 4 year old. There was cutting, writing and a little working with clay that I did, but Spencer is a very strict supervisor so he was still involved and having fun. The concept of place cards was a little hard to explain so he decided the turkey was for his dad and made more of a gift tag than a place card but it works either way.

The feathers were his favorite part. Unsurprisingly, he liked the orange one best.

A note on the place cards: the box comes with supplies for six, which depending on the size of your dinner might be too many or too few. The project is still workable for any size household. The place cards could be for the kids table or honored/older guests or people could even write things to be thankful for on the cards instead of names. The names of family members who couldn’t be at dinner would work too. Also, the turkeys are pretty cute without the cards.

turkey place cards from kiwi crate

gobble gobble

The Thanksgiving Turkeys Kiwi Crate would be a great hostess gift or take along present for kids. It would be a great was for kids to kill the boring most of the adults are busy hours before dinner and they could play the game that day.

He dictated the card.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy crafting! Gobble gobble! It isn’t to late and the box is $5 off right now with the code SAVE5 and the boxes available now for the upcoming holidays look adorable too. The options include Hannukah, Christmas and a wintery  (but non-holiday specific) Antarctic one. Also, the Kiwi Crates are available as a monthly subscription OR as a per box purchase. A monthly subscription includes free shipping.


* I barely resisted the “puts the fun in functional” joke. Well, I guess I didn’t really resist since I mentioned it here.

I was provided an advanced review copy of the Thanksgiving Kiwi Crate. All opinions are my own (and Spencer’s and he gave this a 9 out of 10. He docked a point for having to cut the beaks out of felt. Sometimes the lazy kid is lazy). I will be spending my own hard earned monies on Kiwi Crate in the future and highly recommend it.

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