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Spencer is a chatterbox and ┬áhe’s been a talking a long time. I’m flabbergasted by his language explosion daily. He tends to get new words mostly right, not always the pronunciation, but he’s amazing at getting the context right. Out of the blue the other day, he started saying that his stuffed animals were acting fishy. And then he made them act it out – correctly and hysterically.

He still has a few bits of residual baby mispronunciations left though and I know that at nearly 4 1/2 I should be correcting him and getting him on tract for good language skills for school, but they’re so cute I just can’t bring myself to make them go away.

Probably the cutest and my favorite is his B for V switch that he does in a few words like table and cable. He said table like “tay-vole” and cable is “cay-vole.” I think it is adorable. I am also fond of envelope which in Spencer-speak is “ember-lope.”

Spencer is a master manipulator and I am a sucker, but sometimes even he goes to far and veers in to cheesy pick-up line territory. The other night he wanted to get out of bed instead of staying in and trying to fall asleep and he could tell I wasn’t going to budge and he tried this one “Mama… How did you get to be so cute?” I barely resisted.

He’s finally drawing things that look like things, too! Very exciting as I feel that maybe he got a late start on it. He drew this for my sister this morning and said “It’s a flamingo! Well, and a D.”


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