50 books in 2013 – complete!

My goal is to read  and document 50 books in 2013. I’m pretty sure I read 40 in 2012, so this might not be a huge challange. I think I’ll post a permanent sidebar link to this post and keep it updated. Not quite sure what I want to record. Title, Author, Date finished, but then what else? I think maybe whether it was an ebook or hard copy and maybe the recommendation source if known. I’ll attach and amazon (affiliate) link to the author’s name and a blog review (when applicable) to the book title.

        1. Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker,Jennifer Chiaverini, finished 1/1/2013, referred by BlogHer Book Club 352 Pages
        2. The Willpower Instinct, Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D., finished 1/10/2013, referred by BlogHer Book Club 272 Pages
        3. Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and the Marriage of the Century,Sam Kashner, finished 1/14/13, referred by the Go Fug Yourself coverage of the Lindsay Lohan Lifetime movie Liz & Dick (this is the book the movie was based on. It is MUCH better.) 544 Pages
        4. Touch & Go, Lisa Gardner, finished 1/17/13, referred by BlogHer BookClub 400 Pages
        5. Weetzie Bat, Francesca Lia Block, finished 1/19/13, (I linked the whole series which is the cheaper way to go on kindle, but I am not sure if I will be finishing the rest), referred by the fact it kept being referenced by people and I realized I had never read it. 131 Pages
        6. The Rolling Stones Discover America, Michael Lydonfinished 1/21/13, referred by a mention on facebook by Anne Flournoy of The Louise Log (have you seen her web series? It is hilarious.) This might not be a whole book. I can’t tell. 63 Pages
        7. Here I Go AgainJen Lancaster, finished 1/26/13, referred by BlogHer Book Club, 308 pages 
        8. Spending the Holidays with People i want to Punch in the Throat, Jen of PIWTPITT, finished 1/27/13, referred by someone on facebook when it was on sale for 99 cents for kindle, 142 pages
        9. Pinterest Savvy, Melissa Taylor, finished 2/8/13, referred by a tweet that the book was free for 24 hours only, 55 pages. {This book had ok info for something that was free. Lots of the same similar info is available on the web. For free. Or just common sense.}
        10. A Good American, Alex George, finished 2/19/13, blogher book club, 392 pages.
        11. Beyond Shame, Kit Rocha, finished 2/24/13, free from NetGalley, 355 pages.
        12. The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemtion and Pee, Sarah Silverman, finished 3/1/13, referred by the kindle sale, 261 pages. {verdict: surprisingly good. Highly entertaining for $2}
        13. Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn, finished 3/8/13, referred by everyone in the universe, 434 pages.
        14. The Edge of Never, JA Redmerski, finished sometime in March, 496 pages
        15. Things Go Wrong for Me, Rodney Lacroix, finished 5/1/13, 244 pages
        16. Everything is Going to be Great, Rachel Shukert, finished 4/6/13, 336 pages.
        17. Consequences, Aleatha Roming, finished 4/21/13, 372 pages. This book is awful. Don’t read it.
        18. What the Plus!, Guy Kawasaki, finished 5/6/13, 208 pages.
        19. The Rules of Inheritance, Claire Bidwell Smith, finished 6/25/13, 304 pages. 
        20. Divergent,Veronica Roth, finished 6/26/13, 487 pages.
        21. Insurgent, Veronica Roth, finished 6/28/13, 544 pages
        22. Masters at Arms,Kallypso Masters, finished 6/8/13, 186 pages. Free smut alert! This and the 3 that follow are a military BDSM series and while they aren’t the best in the world, they are worth the price of free, then $4 each.
        23. Nobody’s Angel, Kallypso Masters, finished 6/9/13, 362 pages. This one is free right now, too!
        24. Nobody’s Hero, Kallypso Masters, finished 6/11/13, 356 pages.
        25. Nobody’s Perfect, Kallypso Masters, finished 6/14/13, 466 pages. (this one is the worst of the bunch)
        26. The Prince of Denial, Doug Wilhelm, finished 6/29/13, 168 pages
        27. Light & Dark: The Awakening of the Mageknight, Daniel Fife, finished 7/3/13, 326 pages.
        28. The Reece Malcom List, Amy Spaulding, finished 7/4/13, 352 pages
        29. Two kisses for maddie, Matt Logelin, finished 7/10/13, 273 pages {I didn’t love this one, but I hadn’t read his blog before and the writing style isn’t my thing.}
        30. Moranthology, Caitlin Moran, finished 7/15/13, 320 pages
        31. Whistling Past the Graveyard, Susan Crandall, finished 7/20/13, 321 pages.
        32. Wicked Words 9: Vol 9, Kerri Sharp,finished 7/31/13, 336 pages {Collected erotica short stories, not that erotic}
        33. The Love of My Other Life, Traci L. Slatton, finished 8/8/13, 236 pages {Heads up (or rather butts up): The cover of this book is NSFW. No clue why, the book isn’t that smutty.}
        34. Coming Clean: A Memior, Kimberly Rae Miller, finished 8/12/13, 268 pages
        35. Sharp Objects, Gillian Flynn, finisged 8/17/13, 272 pages
        36. Dark Places, Gillian Flynn, finished 8/20/13, 452 pages
        37. Secret Sister, Emelle Gamble, finished 8/25/13, 279 pages
        38. Zombie, Joyce Carol Oates, finished 9/1/13, 196 pages
        39. Lingerie Wars, Janet Elizabeth Henderson, 312 pages.
        40. The Marriage Bargian, Sandra Edwards, finished in Sept, 166 pages
        41. The Marriage Fix, Sandra Edwards,  finished in Sept, 166 pages
        42. The Marriage Caper, Sandra Edwards,  finished in Sept, 166 pages
        43. Allegiant, Veronica Roth, finished in November, 545 pages
        44. Hallowed Ground, Lori Armstrong, 499 pages
        45. Size 12 is Not Fat, Meg Cabot, finished 11/2013, 368 pages.
        46. Dark Tort, Diane Mott Davidson, 449 pages
        47. Powder Burn, Carl Hiaasen, 268 pages
        48. Onward, Howard Shultz, 392 pages
        49. Big Boned, Meg Cabot, finished 12/2013, 280 pages
        50. The Dark Glamour, Gabriella Pierce, finished 12/28/13, 304 pages.
Page Count: 14,967 (about a 300 pages per book average)

I decided to go with books I finished in 2013 rather than books I started and finished in 2013. This will apply on the other end, too. I will not count books started but not finished in 2013. I sort of lost track of dates finished in the fall but included the months and then quit even doing that… But victory is mine! Happy reading in 2014, people!!

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