If December goes by and a blogger doesn’t blog about it, does it even really count? I even have crafts and recipes I never bothered to put up. If I were really on top of things, I would just finish the posts and schedule them for next year. Now that would be planning ahead.

Timing wise, things worked out great for splitting time between all our family. My sister and her husband came at the beginning of the week and we did all sorts of fun chirstmas themed things. Although, the window markers turned out a little more fun in the application than awesome looking in the excecution. I don’t understand why they got all melty and drippy overnight. Weird.

One night after dinner, we drove through some neighborhoods to look at the lights and Spencer was noting the lack of orange in christmas decor. He fixed that for his gingerbread house.

I think we did better with gifts this year. Not so, so many, but enough that Spencer felt smothered in love and there are a few to tuck away and get out later. Plus, the Super Mario Brothers Super Show DVD he so desperately wanted turned out to not be totally horrible and unwatchable (for me), so that is a win for sure.

My mantra for the last few weeks/months/longer than I would like to admit has been “just get through Christmas.” And we did. But now the new year is approaching and this year will have big changes for us. As soon as the calendar flips to January, the baby comes “next month” and I am not ready for that. At all.

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