Spite Angel: A NonChristmasy Christmas Tale

Christmas is weird. Growing up my family celebrated a pretty traditional, if not particularly religious way, with some goofy traditions thrown in. My mom had this nativity scene and we had to hide the baby Jesus until after Christmas and we used to start out with Mary and Joseph far away and move them closer. Then the wise men, too. Did other people do things like this? I never knew my family was weird until I got old. Now I know, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Right now, I do a lot of Christmas things because Spencer wants to do them. I let him pick which decorations we even got out this year. Except for Spite Angel. She always comes out. This year I did a little tableau of villains on the shelf mirror just for fun. I think everyone should have a sort of ugly decoration with a great story that makes you laugh every year when you get it out. Spite Angel is mine.

She just needs a spite candle.

After my mom died, my sister and I did the estate sale ourselves  after we had a few specialists come through and look at the furniture and stuff. My mom had a ton of Christmas stuff. It even had it’s own section at the sale. My mom also had a random collection of angels and candleholders and angel candleholders and those all went with the Christmas stuff too. Some were ceramic or silver (colored) and there were a few brass ones. This angel candle holder wasn’t the fanciest of the bunch, but we did it priced it at $1 or something (because brass and fancy!) and this lady kept trying to buy it for 25 cents.

She would ask me and then my sister and kept trying to get us to cave or go lower and this was only the first day of the sale and in the morning too. Our prices were already dirt cheap and there were tons of delightful unwittingly mispriced items that people were happy to share with us after they bought things. Did you know this is a civil war blah blah chair you sold for $2? Mwah hah hah, it’s mine now. But this lady? Was not going to talk us down. We told her that everything would be half off on Sunday and she could come back and get it then for 50 cents.

And she was all “I WILL JUST GET IT ON SUNDAY FOR 25 CENTS THEN.” Ha.Ha.Ha. No.

So it didn’t sell on Saturday and when she came back on Sunday,  I hid it in the house so she couldn’t have it. She looked and looked and was so, so annoyed. It was awesome.

Moral of the story: spite is totally worth losing an estate sale dollar

Also, my mom would totally approve of the existence of spite angel and this story. I already mentioned we were a family of weirdo, right?

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3 Responses to “Spite Angel: A NonChristmasy Christmas Tale”

  1. Brigid Keely says:

    I like Spite Angel. I find it nostalgic, although I can’t remember where specifically I’ve seen similar angels before.

    We used to stash Baby J in the final day of the advent calendar, and yes, Mary and Joseph would make their way slowly to the stable. After they all arrived it was time for the Wise Men to trudge along and arrive on the Feast of the Magi.


  2. Misty says:

    This made me laugh. I think it’s a great Christmas story and tradition.


  3. I went to Catholic grade school and I recall having the nativity set up and the Mary and Joseph statues would slowly make their way closer and closer every day and there was a Bible reading that was assigned to each day. And instead of candy in Advent calendars like most people do, we had either Bible verse inside the little doors or acts of kindness we had to perform.

    I’m in love with the story of Spite Angel…you need to pass down the angel and the story.


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