Winter Break

Spencer likes school; he does, but holy crap is it hard to get him to want to go back after a vacation. Sometimes a Monday off is enough to make him drag his feet. This three week business makes it close to unbearable. My husband is also back to work after a few weeks off in December. The house will be empty but for me tomorrow from 9-12. Is it wrong that I am a little excited? Call the Midwife christmas episode here I come!

We talked a little bit today about why he didn’t want to go to back to school tomorrow. He does want to see his friends and one of his teachers. He’s convinced that the classroom will be full of dirt or monsters. I asked if it could be full of dirt monsters and he emphatically said of course not! Because… of course not. I love 4 1/2, it is full of the crazy. Daily.

The one thing we did waaaaay too much of during Spencer’s break is play Angry Birds Go. It’s a racing game from the Angry Birds people and it is so much fun. Spencer and I both love it. And while there are in-app purchases, it is really easy to play the whole game without them. The telepods (the little cars you can buy separately) aren’t even that great. It’s one of those free but time consuming games. I actually play it after Spencer goes to sleep sometimes just so he wakes up with some extra golden bird coins. So much fun! Do recommend.

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  1. Audrey says:

    I can’t believe he gets a 3 week break! wow. I thought 2 weeks seemed kinda long over here in winter land. And I got him all pumped up to go back today and there’s no school because the low is -9 and they don’t want kids walking to or from school in that. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed tomorrow won’t get canceled though.. mostly because they have ice skating lessons after school and if school is canceled those are canceled too. Good luck with the dirt monsters!! And I will definitely be checking out AB Go!


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