Easter 2014

This was my second year hosting my in-laws for Easter and the first in our new town. Like last Christmas, I was up early and everybody else slept in. Well, my father-in-law got but to go fishing. At least I had Truman to keep me company. So I played dress up. I don’t think he minded.

 Once people got up, Easter was tons of fun! Baskets and eggs were hidden and found. Ham was eaten, deviled eggs were admired and devoured. Candy was put away to be doled out at the rate of two per day. I forced everyone to take a self timer family portrait. Good times all around.

I did discover that I think Easter might be one of my favorite instagram holidays. All the kids were so cute in their dress up clothes, running around outside. Straw hats! Bow ties! Bunny ears! Hope all the celebrated Easter had a great day!

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5 Responses to “Easter 2014”

  1. Leah says:

    Truman has such a knowing smile. Like, he’s got something big planned just as soon as he gets the hang of this head control thing.

    Also, I admire your ability to peel eggs without destroying them.


    Amy Reply:

    I have egg secrets!
    1. Use older eggs. Not “old” old, but not super amazingly fresh.
    2. Use an ice/water bath to cool them as quickly as possible after cooking them.
    3. Work in a restaurant in college where you have to peel dozens of eggs daily.


    Leah Reply:

    Hmm, my eggs were at least a week in my fridge and I totally did ice them! I even followed the directions in Julia Child’s The Way to Cook which required TWO ice baths. I guess my only option is to get a time machine and a different job 15 years ago.


    Amy Reply:

    How do you crack them? I do a light cracking roll all the way around and then start peeling at the small end, hoping for an air bubble and slide off the membrane and the shell comes with.

  2. Leah says:

    I do the crack and roll. Maybe I am just overcooking them. Julia also said the method I used would prevent green yolks but that was also a lie.


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