My facebook feed is inundated with sponsored ads for some happiness app. Everyday when I log on to facebook to complain about things, several times a day in fact, I get informed that happy people are happier or something else that seems very, very obvious and annoying. Sure. Maybe there is some merit to it, acknowledging and/or writing down happy things might really make someone happier but it seems like a lot of effort.

I choose to look at the flipside of things when I am feeling exceptionally complainy or mad. It might be a desperate act of unhappy rationalization, but don’t tell me.

  1. We moved way too much stuff. We own way too much stuff, BUT at least we got rid of at least 3 truckloads of stuff to a thrift store before we moved.
  2. The rental house has a broken dishwasher which means I am hand-washing dishes for 3 plus bottles for 1, BUT I do get to use my very favorite coffee mug every morning because it is always clean.
  3. Truman really likes getting up at about 6 am, BUT it is the only time I can watch whatever I want on tv and it coincides with 3 months of free HBO and I am catching up on all the things.

Not everything has a flipside, though. Spencer is awesome. Truman is awesome. I wanted to move somewhere with weather and we got snow, rain and hail today. All in one day! In April! We’ve lived here two weeks and I have never lived anywhere it snowed so I have no idea what is normal. It is pretty fun! Espcially because we can just stay inside if the weather is crappy. I have no obligations whatsoever. No Target in town either, so I guess THAT is my flipside.

Spencer loves the new yard. Tons of room for biking.


Just running errands, still CAN NOT believe this is my daily view.

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5 Responses to “Flipside”

  1. Valerie says:

    No Target? Gasp!! ;)


  2. Leah says:

    For real on the no Target thing. How do you live? But those mountains are a’ight, I guess…


    Amy Reply:

    The Target thing is mostly survivable. Amazon prime not actually coming in 2 days is a little more traumatizing. I am adjusting. Somehow.


  3. Brigid Keely says:

    That view is AMAZING. Wow.


  4. What a beautiful mountain view! It’s so funny that you mentioned the happiness app because I was just listening to an NPR podcast about that yesterday! Fascinating idea.


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