Appleseed Lane – Monthly Educational Subscription Box for Kids

Appleseed Lane is a new monthly subscription box for kids with a focus on education, specifically math and science. Any one who has been reading this blog for awhile knows that I am powerless to resist a monthly box and when Appleseed Lane asked me if I would like to a review a box, I jumped at the chance. Especially because the Appleseed Lane subscription box is focused on math and science education.

Appleseed Lane

The review box I received had a Sound & Music focus, but sciencey! The kit included instructions and supplies to make a string telephone, jammin’ tambourine (from cardboard), cool kazoos and a bonus rubber band guitar. The information card included the definitions of volume, pitch, beat and music; fun facts; extra activities and a quick quiz.

appleseed lane monthly STEM subscription box

The materials do a good job relating the science components in and easy to understand way, for older kids and parents alike. At first when I opened the box, I was skeptical about how much science info could be conveyed with music projects, but there is tons of great information. The card illustrates the key concepts for the topic (in this case, sound waves, vibrations, volume and pitch) and also how it relates to the national science education standards (transfer of energy, structure and function in living systems, and personal health).

Appleseed Lane Monthly Subscription Box Educational

Overall, I think the box skews a little older than 4 and half, but he could read the information and directions with help and he could definitely perform the actions to build the projects and enjoy them. I am just not sure if he fully grasped the concepts behind them. He was willing to listen to the educational parts and there is no way that is a bad thing.

Appleseed Lane Box

Playing baby brother a song.

Spencer’s favorite project to make and play was the bonus guitar project which cleverly used the shipping box to make a rubber band guitar. My sister enjoyed making the tambourine with him and felt that it had the most bonus educational components for a preschooler (count the sides, how many bells on each side, lacing for fine motor skills). My least favorite project was the kazoo, not because it was too noisy (the noise level was only moderate), but because the ink from the dyed craft sticks came off on his face when he was playing it.

I asked Spencer if he would like the box again and he said, “YES. This is way better than that make-up in a box.”

The next available box to order is Intro to Engineering which includes a rubber band helicopter. I’ve ordered it and it is available for order until 5/20.  Appleseed Lane boxes can be ordered individually or with a subscription plan.


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  1. Vicky Davies says:

    I subscribe to CubbyCase for to get monthly educational products for my kids! I think you’ll love them too!


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