Out with the Old

2014 is shaping up to be a year of many changes. We added a Truman, sold out house, moved to a whole new city/region of California and then this weekend I finally got a new car.  We had to drive a few (hundred) miles to get what we wanted and take both kids to a car dealer ship, but in the end everything worked out. And I got to go Target! Woohoo!

Dealing with both kids in the dealership went something sort of like this Spencer played ipad until the battery ran out, then he played the other ipad, then for a while he was playing simultaneous games of plants vs zombies on my phone and ipad at the same time. He briefly went around asking all of the employees why they had a lego table but no legos*, but he was shockingly polite about it. As for Truman we just went with the feed the baby until he falls asleep, rinse and repeat method. He’s a pretty mellow baby though. If he isn’t hungry or poopy, as long as he can see a family member he’ll be pretty chill.

Overall the move transition has been ok. I think we’d be doing a little more exploring if Spencer didn’t have a tendency to bolt. I am a little terrified to take the baby and Spencer somewhere new. What if he runs? He is way faster than I am even without the ergo or stroller. What if I need to change the baby and Spencer won’t come with or throws a huge fit? The lack of structure with moving and leaving preschool has resulted in some behavioral challenges that I don’t know how to fix.

And yet, he was 90% good at the car dealership, so maybe there is hope.

Last photo taken in my wagon.


*Not an unreasonable question.

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  1. I remember those feels. I remember freaking out because Ev took off and I had baby Del in the carseat/stroller/shopping cart and could not go after him easily. It was super tough, for sure, that first summer. Somehow the transition to 3 was easier with regards to minding the kids in public. Maybe because Ev is old enough to listen and be a bigger helper and because Del has natural helper urges? Who knows. All I know is I will always always be hyper vigilant at the pool ever since the summer Ev took off and jumped in the big pool while I struggled down the stroller ramp to catch up.


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