Back to School Salad

Spencer starts school on Wednesday and there is a back to school BBQ on Monday and we are nervous. Spencer is nervous about school. New town, new kids, new teacher, new school. That is a lot of new. And I have to bring a salad to the BBQ and I am completely and utterly paralyzed with fear and indecision about what to bring.

Grades K-2 are bring salad, which seems like a lot of salad. Even with one class for each grade, that is still the potential for 60 salads. Do people not go? Not bring salad? Are they homemade people? Store bought people? Should I do a fancy salad for the adults? Go with a surefire kid pleaser like fruit salad, but run the risk that the salads are possibly 50% fruit salads. I DON’T KNOW.

I may or may not have been laying on the floor yesterday working myself up in to a near panic attack about salad. SALAD. Speaking of salad, have you read Sad Desk Salad? It really is a great book.

In light of recent national news, it is utterly ridiculous that I am this stressed out and upset over a potluck. I don’t need to be told to check my privilege; white, salad, or otherwise. I am aware of my privilege. Maybe it is my privilege and the combination of my advantages and helplessness that also makes me upset.  Over salad and other things. People in Missouri would love to be upset over just salad and not tear gas.

So if you need me, I will be hiding from the sadness and the rage and the internet trying to figure out if black bean and corn salad is too weird.



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