Labor Day

Did you know that Labor Day was established in the Fall by my favorite president Grover Cleveland? Did you know that the only reason old Grover is my favorite president is because he is the best trivia answer? I like all of the trivia presidents:

Only president to serve two non consecutive terms: Grover Cleveland!

President with the shortest term: poor sickly William Henry Harrison (related: he also gave the longest inaugural address in the rain and got himself sick and died. Poor guy)

Last president born in the 18th century: James Buchanan (also the first unmarried man to be elected president)

First president to ride in a car: Teddy Roosevelt (I think train is Andrew Jackson, but I could be wrong)

I am doing these from memory. AP History really paid off!

What else would you like to know? 5 important things that happened in 1848! (I think I am supposed to know 7, but I only know 5. I also used to inexplicably have Eugene Debs prison number memorized)

  • Seneca Falls!
  • General Incorporation Act!
  • Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalago!
  • Gold discovered in California!
  • John Jacob Astor died!

All of these things are wasting valuable space in my brain. Space I could be using for song lyrics or something.

This probably would have been a better post for President’s Day.

I think I need to start a holiday trivia series.

This post was weird. Here is a photo of flowers.




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2 Responses to “Labor Day”

  1. I love trivia…especially American history trivia. Did you know that James Buchanan’s niece served as his first lady since he wasn’t married? Last night, I found a book called “History’s Buff Guide to Presidents” (or something like that). It’s on my to be read list…you may be interested in it as well.


    Amy Reply:

    That book sounds awesome! I’ll have to look for it.


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