DIY Goomba Costume for Baby

This year, I made a DIY goomba costume for Truman and a goomba costume on a baby is just about the cutest thing ever. The only think that could have made Truman more adorable on Halloween was if he could just walk and he was toddling around like a drunken goomba. The goomba, for the uninitiated is a small mushroomesque character in the Super Mario Brothers video game universe.

The Goomba

There are some really cute tutorials online for a full goomba costume, but that seemed like a lot of work for a costume that was really just for some photos and maybe a brief stroller outing. For a party or something I might have gone a little more all out. Also, by doing it on a body suit, he can wear it later.

DIY Goomba Costume

DIY Goomba Costume

My method of choice for custom shirts is always the iron-on transfer, preferably the dark fabric kind (because then the design doesn’t have to be reversed). This concept would also work as an applique (either sewn or glued).

To make:

  1. find design: I used an image search and chose one that didn’t need much resizing. Baby shirts are pretty small.
  2. find shirt: I was limited to shopping online and I found one at American Apparel and one by Rabbit Skins. I went with the Rabbit Skins creeper (via amazon because of free shipping.)
  3. size design on regular paper before printing on transfer paper: you always want to print transfers on regular paper before printing out your transfer. This one doesn’t need to be perfect because only part of the design is used. I ended up using print size 5X7 on paper size US letter 
  4. print on transfer paper:  I used Avery dark fabric iron on transfer sheets.
  5. cut to size (see note below)
  6. follow iron on instructions: the instructions that come with the sheets are clear and easy to understand, but thr basic gist is print, cut to size, peel backing off paper, place on shirt, cover with transfer tissue (enclosed in package), iron, wait, peel of tissue. It’s a pretty quick process once you have the design printed.


Goomba Costume from Super Mario Brothers

The bare legs look a little more goomba-like.

NOTE: I did hit one spot of trouble and had to use two transfer sheets. I cut the eyes and mouth out separately because the color wasn’t close enough to leave the center of the transfer. It looked cute, but the pieces ended up being too small to be able to remove the backing from the transfer without tearing the printed design.  The second time, I cut out the center part of the goomba face, removed the transfer backing and then cut out around the eyes and mouth and then proceeded with the directions. Be sure and handle the transfer as little as possible when cutting out the design after removing the backing.

I had a few people ask how I decided to do just the face instead of a whole goomba on a shirt and the inspiration is a t-shirt found here.

Disclosure: This post is not associated with Nintendo in any way. The Amazon links in this post are affiliate links.

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