Veterans Day 2014

My dad served in Vietnam when he was fresh out of ROTC. He came home, back to his wife, started a family and lived a healthy, productive life until his death at the age of 60. Not all veterans are so lucky.

Today is Veterans Day and there are lots of men and women in this country who served this country and could now use your help. If you plan to donate this Veterans Day, please consider the Wounded Warrior Project. Additionally, my friend Suzanne wrote a lovely post a few years ago about How to Celebrate Veterans Day that still rings true.

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10 Responses to “Veterans Day 2014”

  1. My grandfather is a US War Veteran who died this year. This is a special day for me as I am very proud of him =)


  2. My father served in the II World War, he never would talk about it.
    Thanks for honoring our Armed Forces!!!


  3. Freda Mans says:

    Beautiful tribute!


  4. Thank him for his service.

    My dad was in the Korean War and I was in Persian Gulf I.


  5. stevebethere says:

    What a nice tribute, nice post :-)


  6. posh says:

    Veterans are really amazing people.


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  8. I’m glad your dad was able to return home. You’re right – many were not so lucky. Thank you for sharing. ♥


  9. Janice says:

    Wow. So young to go to Vietnam! But how wonderful he got to go home!


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