On Mother’s Day Pitches

There is always a breaking point isn’t there, the proverbial straw that the camel’s back? Or in this case the muffin* that broke the camel’s back. For the last 5 years or so, every April and May ,I receive a bunch of Mother’s Day pitches from PR companies and brands offering suggestions for things that I could include in my Mother’s Day gift guide.

I don’t do a gift guide so for the most part, I ignore the emails unless it is something that might warrant a stand alone post. Most of the pitches are pretty general: gift idea for mom! celebrate moms! moms! moms! moms!

That said, there is a pretty large subset that uses the phrasing “treat/for your mom this Mother’s Day.” Well, first of all, my mom is dead so she probably doesn’t want muffins. Secondly, there are quit a few people with living moms they don’t celebrate. The phrasing just seems needlessly specific and bold. Lastly, I will now think of your recipe as “dead mom muffins,” which was probably not the goal.

Since I was taught to be helpful and that it is polite to offer suggestions for correction with criticisms, here are some alternate phrasings:

Here’s is a muffin recipe sure to delight on Mother’s Day.

Too vague? Try

A muffin recipe for all of the special women on Mother’s Day.

To exclusive?

A muffin recipe for all of the special people on Mother’s day.

Still too exclusionary?

A muffin recipe for all of the special people on Sunday.


A muffin recipe for regular, non-specified people to eat on days that end in Y.

Nailed it.

*Names of food stuffs actually pitched have been changed to protect the innocent and oblivious.

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