Last Minute Teacher Gift: Straw Cup 3 Ways


Last Minute Teacher Gift Idea- Straw Cups 3 Ways

Spencer had some very specific, yet maddeningly vague, ideas about a teacher gift this year. Such is life with an almost done with being a kindergartener. Including Starbursts (his teacher’s favorite candy) was priority number one, after that he thought maybe a cup and a gift card. He picked out the $100 amazon gift card. I love his teacher, but that got vetoed. I normally saw her with a Starbucks iced tea in the mornings, so we went with a Starbucks gift card in a slightly more reasonable amount.

I also insisted that Spencer make cards and I am so glad I did. They are amazing and very him. I only wished I had taped his narration.
“A gold star for the pool party for you.”
“A rocket of acknowledgement for you.”
“Spencer A+++++,s you”
“Bug stickers for Ms M because monsters are scary, well maybe SOME monsters.”

handmade teacher thank you cards

Cutest thank you cards ever

It was actually Spencer’s idea to line a cup with the card. I would have sized the paper to fit if I had known in advance, but this way it is a card and decoration all in one.

Kids Craft Teacher Gift

Art lined straw cup (with gift card in cup)

He had tons of fun putting all the candy in the cup. He was also pleased that a full sized bag of Starburst filled the cup with some leftover for him to eat. Priorities!


Candy Filled Cup for a Teacher Gift


There is a gift card hiding in there.

One more idea is a fun in the sun filled cup. This one has some sunblock, face wipes and a lip balm.

Fun in the Sun Teacher Gift

Fun in the Sun Teacher Gift


Fun in the Sun Teacher Gift








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