Last Week of School!

Spencer’s last week of school was very exciting!


Ahoy maties, it’s pirate day!


I spy….


… a visiting little brother!


Then cowboy and cowgirl day, complete with a visit to a horse ranch!

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12 Responses to “Last Week of School!”

  1. stevebethere says:

    Looked like he enjoyed himself ..cute photos heheh!


  2. Aww he is having so much fun in school! Love the pirate boat!


  3. lana says:

    That looks really fun! I remember that last day of school—I was sooo happy!


  4. Rhonda Albom says:

    He sure looks like he enjoys school.


  5. What a fab looking school.


  6. What a great way to celebrate the last day…..Now the days of summer.


  7. Tabitha Blue says:

    What a fun way to end the school year… and cheers to summer!! We’ve got our bucket list and we’re ready to go! :)



  8. Very nice. Looks like fun all around.


  9. That looks like so much Fun, what a perfect yearn end week!!

    Enjoy the Summer!!


  10. Jeanna says:

    Pirates, cool. School looks like a lot of fun,not sure I’d want it to be the last day.


  11. Hooray!!! Looks like an awesome week!


  12. Janice says:

    What a fun way to end the school year!


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