Summer Camp at Home: Farm/Garden

Summer Camp at Home Farm and Garden

Project ideas (choose one or two per day and plan your supplies accordingly):

Planting sunflower seeds or other seeds for transplant
Sorting seeds
15 bean soup kit (scoop a little of the mix out, examine and sort seeds, make & eat soup)
Ant Farm
Butterfly Garden
Ladybug Release
Dirt Analysis (scoop some dirt, sift it and see what you find!)
Painted Flowerpot
Hummingbird feeder Buy or DIY
Pop-Up Garden Card/Art
Garden Explorers (use a notebook and explore in a yard, garden or park, draw pictures of findings, what is edible?, what is in bloom? what grows on a tree? vine? underground?)
California Agriculture Coloring Book / FSA for Kids Coloring Book
Honeycomb art with fingerprint bees 
Footprint Tractors (for pretty young kids)
Let’s make a salad (market field trip, pick new vegetables, make salad together and eat)

Printables (have 2-3 available per day) first grade math barnyard, farm mazes and word searches, connect the dots by 2,

Outside games
Barnyard Tag – like freeze or tv tag but to get unfrozen, player must say the name of an animal and make it’s noise, animals should not repeat
Duck, Duck, Goose 

Field Trip Ideas – supermarket, farm stand, farm, farmer’s market, butcher

Fun Facts
Fun Farming Facts for Kids (from FSA)
Gardening Facts for Kids

Additional Resources
School Garden Activities (

Gardening for Kids (

15 Garden Crafts for Kids (

Farm Activities (
Summer Camp at Home Farm and Garden
Summer Camp at Home PNG


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