Summer Camp at Home: Oceans

Summer Camp at Home Oceans Week
Project ideas (choose one or two per day (some of the salt water experiments could be stacked in to science day):
Salt Water Density (or Salt Water Sink or Float)
Draw waves/Make waves (pool or tub) and learn about waves and currents
Crepe Paper (or Ribbon) Jelly Fish
Handprint Pirates
Salt water and ice experiment
Fishing Snack
Floating Colored Water Experiment
6 Shell Crafts
Treasure Hunt
Jello Aquarium Cups
Wave Eroding Sand Experiment (video link)
Tons more ocean craft ideas here

Wild Science Perils of the Deep (Ocean Science Kit)

Printables (have 2-3 available per day) various ocean drawing pages, math pages, connect the dots fish, unscramble the sentence, word tracing, names of the oceans word tracing,

Outside games
Sharks and minnows
Walk the Plank (use a balance beam or make the shape of one on the ground with chalk or tape and make kids walk it/make turns/jump and land)
Octopus Tag

Field Trip Ideas – beach/tide pool, tropical fish store, aquarium, zoo, museum (living by the beach is helpful here…)

Fun Facts
Fun Ocean Facts (
10 facts about pirates (
Fun Shark Facts (
Facts About Whales (

Additional Resources
List of the world’s oceans and seas

List of Ocean Plants

List of Ocean Animals with Photos

SCAH OCEAN vertical

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