Summer Camp at Home

There aren’t a ton of summer day camps where we live and besides one week of all ages soccer camp and a few weeks of swim lessons, there are virtually no summer activities for the under 8 set at all. Since, Spencer and I are prone to turning in to pajama people if left to our own devices, I thought this year I would take matters in to my own hands.

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My goal for each themed week is to have a daily project (science, art, writing or cooking based), 2 or 3 education worksheets per day (mazes, numbers, word search), a recap story page (either for the week or for the day), links to themed documentaries or kids shows, kid friendly recipes, outdoor games, field trip ideas and much more. On the blog, I will provide links to my source materials and upload any printables I make. Most activities will be geared for kids aged 4-6.

I don’t have a set amount of time set aside per day for camp activities. I’m just trying to keep Spencer busy when Truman is napping and maybe see what a 6 year old and 1 1/2 year old can do together.

PLANNED THEMES: (link will go live when camp plan is complete or will be labeled as in progress)
Oceans (including pirates) (coming soon!)
America (scheduled for the week of July 4th) (coming soon!)
Gardens and Farms
Weather (coming soon!)
Cars and Trucks (coming soon!)
Space (coming soon!)
Safety & Emergencies (a random obsession of Spencer’s; your mileage may vary)
California (coming soon!)
Arctic (coming soon!)
Insects (coming soon!)
Dinosaurs (coming soon!)
Sports (coming soon!)
Lakes & Mountains (coming soon!)

This is going to be an ongoing summer project, for me at home and posting on the blog, but I will keep everything as updated as I can. Check back soon! Each camp plan will be posted as an individual blog post, so for timely updates, subscribe here.)

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