Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest

We had a fun day in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in the White Mountains last weekend. Two of the world’s oldest trees are there, 4500+ years and 5000 years old. The trees are unmarked, but a trail takes you past one of them. We didn’t take that one, too far for little Truman.

We also drove out to the Patriarch Grove where the world’s largest Bristlecone is located, it’s a bumpy, dusty drive.

Bristlecone Pine Forest




ancient bristlecone pine forest

The bistlecone pines look dead when they get old.




The Patriarch

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And remember this summer, if you are traveling in some of the lovely national parks and forests that the USA has to offer and there is an honor box for a park fee or a map or trail information, that is not a donation request. It is a fee that the park service is trusting and relying on you to pay.  (I overheard a few upsetting conversations, one of which included “F*ck that sh*t. If they wanted me to pay, they would have a gate.” ) Ugh.


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9 Responses to “Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest”

  1. Such pretty pictures and I thank you for sharing! Teresa from


  2. Love your pics. Very nice. Very beautiful.


  3. Wow imagine being that old! These trees saw & experienced a lot! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Evelyn says:

    Wow, that is so neat – 4,500 years old? Incredible. Your photos are awesome!


  5. These photos are so beautiful, it makes me wish I lived closer to the mountains.


  6. It’s times like that where I hope that karma bites them in the tushie!!

    WHat a beautiful place!!


  7. Parent Club says:

    I love the first collage – that deserves a frame!


  8. Mary Hill says:

    I love desert scenery and the flowers really pop. Beautiful pictures.


  9. Mary Hill says:

    I wish people were more honest. I love your pictures. It is worth the price of admission for sure. ;)


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