OXO Tot and Toddler Feeding (A Review)

I have long loved the OXO brand, my mom bought OXO and I even remember the Good Grips line coming out in the 90s. Besides the (Did you know that the founder came up with the good grips line after noticing the trouble his arthritic wife had with regular kitchen implements), OXO has long been known for quality. The OXO Tot line is no exception.

OXO tot divided plate review

The plate has a center hole for dip! Truman is a master dipper.

I was asked to review a “staycation” set of products, and since, aside from a few weekend trips, we had no major summer plans; it worked out perfectly. The products included the OXO tot grape cutter, Roll Up Bib, the divided plate and the Sit Right potty seat. I didn’t test the potty seat because we aren’t quite there yet, but it looks like a nice one. Much better than the random Dora one Spencer picked out a few years ago.

Truman love love loves the grape slicer. He wanted to use it and I said no because 1 1/2 and blades isn’t a great combo. I let Spencer try it out though; “works great. Nice slicing action,” was his enthusiastic, yet taciturn review. He claims sliced grapes taste better too. He might be right. I am normally not the biggest fan of single use kitchen items (I’m with Alton on this one), but this one really is great at what it does. Knocked out a whole serving of grapes significantly faster than slicing them with a knife. You can do two at a time, also. Cherry tomatoes worked pretty well, but there was some smooshing of the super ripe ones. The OXO tot grape slicer¬†would make a super uniform fresh salsa, too.

OXO tot grape slicer

OXO tot grape slicer

The OXO tot divided plate is a nice little plate. It is super cute (priorities!), has a non-skid bottom and is divided to suggest the proper portion sizes of protein, grain and fruits/veggies. I think those proper portion sizes can be best left to personal preference so one could also say that the plate is divided in to big, medium, medium, tiny round dip section! Built in dip is genius. Truman loves dipping and the center spot helps keep it a little more… contained. I also like that the rim on the edge helps guide Truman as he navigates this new crazy world of silverware.

OXO tot divided plate

To be honest, Truman isn’t the biggest fan of bibs. He will tolerate one for about 30 seconds and then rip it off, even from the very beginning at 6 months. We mostly just take of his shirt for wet/staining foods. It’s not always pretty, but it works. That said, Truman left this bib on for almost 15 minutes. New world record goes to team OXO tot! I think he liked the pocket. He kept trying to stick food in there on purpose. It washes up great and still looks brand new after more then a few attempts/uses. It rolls-up and secures for travel (hence the Roll Up(TM) Bib name) so I think this will stay in the car for when we get caught out and forced to let him eat in cute clothes.

OXO tot roll up bib

Bib status: ON!

Overall, I am quite pleased with my introduction to the OXO tot line (did you know the company was named OXO because it is the same backwards/forwards/up&down? I am a veritable font of OXO trivia). High quality, I love the green and white color scheme, the packaging is amazingly easy to open, Truman is a fan. All important things. I will definitely be checking out their line of sippy and straw cups as the next stop on my seemingly never-ending quest for the perfect toddler cup.

OXO tot toddler eating


Disclosure: I was provided products by OXO tot for review, but I was not compensated for this post.

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