NaBloPoMo 15

I am not enjoying NaBloPoMo one bit this year. The only reason I’m not stopping is because everything I have started in 2015, I have quit. I guess I could quit because then it would be par for the course of the year and I could start fresh in 2016.


That is totally what I need.

I’m typing this in an essentially empty house, in the kitchen. I love that our kitchen has an island where I can feel like I can sit and get some actual work done. Too bad I don’t have a lot of work to do… That isn’t what I started this paragraph to say. ┬áThe dishwasher is running and somehow, somehow, the woosh and hum is exactly the background music to the Team Umizoomi theme song. I think this might be a sign that my descent in to the isolation and insanity that is being a full-time hausfrau in a small, small town is complete.

I’m doing lists over the weekend. It’s all I feel like writing. Maybe I should make a list of list topics. Then I don’t even have to write the lists. #lazinesswins


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