Onward November

I am not the biggest fan of November. It’s my sister’s birthday month so I can’t outright hate it, but ugh. November can be so dreary – Thanksgiving is my least favorite of the major holidays, the time change just accentuates how short the days are and Spencer’s school has a billion days off. Normally I want to hide under blankets until the gloomiest month has passed and it is time to deck the halls.

This year, however, I am going to embrace it. October wasn’t the best month for me. I ate way too much candy, went on way too few walks and all but threw home cooking out the window. I can’t be an utter failure at life two months in a row or there will be too many pieces to pick up at the end. So, non-gloomy November it is.

Things I am going to try –

  • Completing #NaBloPoMo (seeing as how I almost threw in the towel today on Day 4, this might give me some much needed structure. Or bore everyone to tears. Who knows.)
  • Cooking comfort foods – instead of focusing on the healthiest meals or the most amazing, I am just going to worry about getting home cooked food (not just heated-up food) on the table.
  • Getting my steps in – I have been trying to get my steps in (10k per day) and have done ok since getting my fitbit last June. I’m running at maybe 70% overall. I’d like to get them every day in November even if that means pacing the halls on days I don’t leave the house much.

This list feels vaguely new years resolutiony, but maybe I can stick to things in November. Plus no soda, at least at home. I already cracked on that one, but I bought the soda in October so it doesn’t count….

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