I have been looking for a hobby/creative outlet for quite some time. I had some pretty specific needs – I didn’t want to have tons of big finished projects I would have to home which ruled out knitting, crochet and paining and I didn’t want to need a ton of start up supplies which ruled out things like stained glass or woodworking and even scrapbooking. I also didn’t want something that spencer could butt in and try and help with – he singlehandedly ruined my love of making yarn wreaths but insisting on helping.

My parents were both pretty DIY/crafty so I do have experience with lots of these things. I wasn’t just blindly thinking I would be good an crafty things, I have some experience. My mom used to just have all the supplies. It was awesome. My sister and I would decided to make glitter pumpkins or whatever when we were home visiting and my mom would always just have all the stuff. I have much more limited space.

I did some soul searching and reminiscing and I realized that most of the crafts I loved most as a kid/tween and even teen were paper crafts. Hell, I even made snowflakes and paper loop chains in college.  I made a lot of greeting cards with rubber stamps and 3D cut outs. I loved it. I wanted to try something a little more complex than what I used to do, so I decided to try quilling and papercutting.

Paper Quilling Balloons

Awww. My first quilling.

My first attempt at quilling made it seem so easy. I bought a beginners set on amazon and made two lovely balloons. Then I tried to make flowers and snowflakes and things that took matching paper rolls and I was significantly less successful. I think it might take me awhile to make amazing quilled landscapes or monograms. Look at what the pros can do-

Amazing Floral Quilling from RudiBelArt on Etsy

Quilled Monogram from Quilledyourway on Etsy – SO PRETTY

Next I tried paper cutting. All I needed to buy for that was some new x-acto blades and a self-healing cutting mat. I’d been wanting both of those things for a while anyways…

I looked for templates online and wanted to start with some free ones. I printed this deer and tree one and was too lazy to reverse it so it seems a little off with the deer on the right, but I am pretty pleased with my effort.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 1.58.08 PM

I’m not quite sure where I want to go with paper cutting. I think I like the modern feel of pieces like this one over some of the more intricate/lace like ones or the super folk art ones. I am very drawn to papercut trees.

Gorgeous (via HeidiVilkman etsy)

And this I absolutely adore. Layered papercuts are so lovely.

One day maybe I can do something 1/4 as cool as those.

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