Ribbon Wrapped Fall Wreath

I finally made a new wreath for the door. I have been needing something for in between Halloween and Christmas, but never got around to making something. Then during the move, I happened to find yards and yards of beige ribbon that I had saved from our wedding presents (williams sonoma gift wrapping, I do believe) and a found a foam wreath form. Kismet!

Fall Wreath with Ribbons and Flowers

To be honest, I’m not sure why I saved the ribbon so long. I don’t even remember doing it except that I would have had a hard time throwing away perfectly good ribbon, even if it was beige. I even saved two of the bows intact. Those went on the wreath too. The only thing I had to purchase was a single bunch of fall looking flowers from the craft store.

ribbon wrapped wreath for fall

I think it turned out cute! Especially for coming together in about 30 min. I didn’t do photos for a tutorial or anything because I made it at night in bad light and I wasn’t sure how the whole thing was going to turn out.


The general steps are:

  • wrap a foam wreath form with ribbon, similar to how you would do a yarn wreath. I left spaces between the ribbon (so it had candy cane-ish color blocking) and went back over it, filling in any gaps. I pinned the ends of the ribbon straight in to the foam in the back and then did the same to connect pieces.
  • pin the bows on
  • pull the flowers off of the stems, clip the bud connector part on the back and pin to the wreath form
  • finish up with a pinned ribbon loop for hanging

Ribbon Wrapped Fall Wreath

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    You did a excellent job! This post sound really good.


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