Top Ten “Top Five List Post Ideas”

  1. Top 5 songs to do housework too.
  2. Top 5 holiday crafts for the Fall and Winter
  3. Top 5 things to complain about at Starbucks, unrelated to holiday cups
  4. Top 5 podcasts by women
  5. Top 5 green cleaning tips (who am I kidding. This list would just be apple cider vinegar 5 times)
  6. Top 5 magazines for airplanes
  7. Top 5 nonfiction books written by female celebrities
  8. Top 5 reasons Mayonnaise is disgusting
  9. Top 5 kids’ tv shows that are secretly liked by parents
  10. Top 5 reasons being a SAHM is way harder than being a WOHM (now, I’m just trolling you)

Some of these actually sound fun. Maybe I will do Top 5 week next week.

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