Truman Speak

Truman is talking. Or at least he thinks he is talking. It’s defiantly got a jibberish component, but it’s adorable. He also, on occasion, busts out with a cartoonish european/pepe le pew accent.

Zip is zeep; chip is cheep; Jeep is yeep, etc

There is also some inexplicable confusion – fork sounds almost exactly the same as book, I can only tell the difference because he only says fork when seated at the table, presented with some impossible to fork food like popcorn or wheat thins.

He also has excellent manners for a 20 monther, he says please (as peas, yet pronounced as a weirdly accented piss, somehow the emphasis is on the p and the ss and the vowels are just for kicks), thank you (tank goooo), and has recently attempted your welcome, which I only know is your welcome because it follows the general rules of society and follows me saying thank you. The closest written version I can think of is a vaguely slurred gor-be-gone.

None of this is on video of course, because phones are for grabbing and licking and stealing for plants vs. zombie. Oh yeah, he can ask for that one by name. OHMbe, OHMbe!!!

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